Weed World Candy Emails are being collected in spam folders.

Weed World Candy Brand has new managment in place, a new website online and a new checkout system. It seems our new outgoing email system is being blocked or sent to spam folders and not getting to customer inboxes. Our website tech is working to solve this issue as quickly as possible. Please be patient, our customer service is overwhelmed due to this issue. In the event that you are not receiving an email response, FIRST check your spam folder, SECOND check your firewall settings and allow our domain for incoming emails, THIRD contact customer service and inform us of your issue and we will try our alternative email. Thanks for understanding.


We are adding New Products every week. Watch for our new Baked Goods, Extras, Clothes and more. For now check out what we've already added, Chronic Vape Oils, Chocolate Thai Crunch Bars, Super Skunks sour bubblegum. You still have time to take advantage of our 4/20 specials. Be sure to pick up our Chef's Blend of the month!